WOMAN : She is the center of the universe.....this is Gynarchy..... The Montreal Fetish Weekend presents Couple Gynarchy : A Couple's Way of Life! .....On August 30, 2019, we will present a fun, entertaining and informative evening on how to integrate Gynarchy into your daily lives and run the risk of turning mundane into extraordinary!

Montreal, the pagan and mystical city of a thousand and one desires.

Hôtel des Gouverneurs

Isora Clark and Lewis will welcome you in the Ballroom

of the Hotel des Gouverneurs, Friday August 30, 2019 at 8 p.m.

Hotel des Gouverneurs, 1415 St-Hubert St., corner of Sainte-Catherine East.

Our hotel is in situated in the heart of Montreal's nightlife.

Isora Clark and lewis

Isora Clark and Lewis are organizing and hosting this event.  

They live a fulfilling relationship within the lifestyle, they want to share

their secret with you of their successful relationhip.

Gynarchy is free and belongs to those who desire it.

They met 25 years ago in a bar on St. Laurent Boul.


Although they initially were attracted through their love of leather

and domination, life, like a crack of a whip brought them to where they are today.

They found balance, excitement, pleasure, unity and respect through Gynarchy!

The bond that is keeping them together forever!

Couple Gynarchy

Couple Gynarchy is relatively a new concept in the history of humankind. 


It upsets the rules which we have been living with for millions of years.  

You will understand how this approach can enhance your relationship

and initiate you to a whole new life experience.

There are 5 major questions regarding Couples Gynarchy and we will answer them!

  • What is Couples Gynarchy?
  • Why live a Gynarchy lifestyle?
  • What are the how to's on starting this practice in your relationship?
  • How can I apply this practice in my relationship?  
  • What are the advantages of living this lifestyle?



8 p.m.

Fetish Weekend Cocktail in the Ballroom foyer


9:00 p.m.

Ballroom doors open

Presentations, seminars, entertainment


11:30 p.m.

Intermission (refreshments served)

Entertainment and brio


12 a.m.

Gynarchy play

The ballroom becomes a playground.


1 a.m.

After-Hours Fetish Weekend Play Party

The foyer and ballroom is opened to all participants


5 a.m.

Gynarchy event and After-Hours Play Party ends.



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Couples Gynarchy Evening

An evening dedicated to Couples Gynarchy.


Come and enjoy a unique experience!

Want to know a little more...we will guide you

in the most entertaining way.

Couple Gynarchy is based on pleasure and complicity.


This event is also for singles who would like to enter into a Gynarchy relationship.


$100.00 per couple

$80.00 per single