Couple Gynarchy

Couple Gynarchy : Woman is the main focus and is in charge.


On a ship you can't have two captains. Therefore, in a Gynarchy relationship, the man remains the lover, friend, compagnon, partner and is subordinate to his partner.


This may cause you to smile, that is the point. The ultimate goal of the Gynarchy lifestyle is to live life with pleasure and joy.


It is clear that this concept has been around for quite awhile, however adopting a Gynarchy lifestyle helps to organise it and make it official.


When a mutual consensus is attained and the lifestyle is clearly defined, then the responsabilities of each person is established. Naturally the Woman is in charge and the man obeys. 


On Friday August 30, 2019, we will hold a fun and informative event for couples who are living the Gynarchy lifestyle and those who may be interested in knowing more about this way of life and it's advantages.


Get ready for a fun-filled event, nothing boring or mundane about Gynarchy!


Gynarchy is a choice, is available to everyone and best of all it's FREE!